AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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Changes to resource groups after resources are implemented into it

I passed the AZ900 the other day, one question stood out to me, and without going into it too much, it was along the lines of "you have a number of services in a resource group, including a VNET, and you apply a policy to the resource group prohibiting VNETs, how will the VNET behave after the policy is created?" and there were answers like "it will act normally, it will be deleted automatically, it will become read-only".

Can someone weigh in on this, please 🙂

2 Answers

as per Azure Documentation: "Assign a policy to enforce a condition for resources you create in the future" as per this statement Answer would be "it will act normally"

VNET will continue to function as Policies act on new resources.

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