AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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az900 using cloud shell storage creation error

I am trying to do the lab activity "Accessing and Using the Azure Cloud Shell", but I am unable to create the storage resource. Every name I choose for it gave me am error with unable to create resource. why?

Stefano Negro

I add something to this question, hoping for help because it seems that I can do almost nothing with sandbox. I can’t create a resources list either. Can someone clarify why?

1 Answers

Hi Stefano,

A really common error we see when creating storage accounts is not just the name of the storage account, but actually the location.

Would you be able to try again, but pick a region like WEST US, and see if that works?

If you still have any issues, please do feel welcome to reach out to support, as they have all the tools at the back-end to help you out promptly and get this issue fixed for you.

Hope this helps!

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