AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 Passed – What next for Project Manager!?

Happy to pass the AZ-900 exam today, with a decent score as well! Big shout out to Lars for the very clear & concise course content for AZ-900 + the Lego, Rockets, Coffee etc 😉 

Wondered if anyone is in a similar situ to me; I’m already a certified PM & have added AZ-900 as a nice resume booster, probably not worth doing any further Azure Certs if I intend to stay as a PM?

I am leaning more towards O365 Cert which will again be a good resume boost + strong on paper for Cloud Transformation PM 🙂

2 Answers

Hi James,

Well done on passing! Rockets make everything better. 

I know what you are saying. Will you ever need technical Azure knowledge? Without knowing your exact role and work area, I’d say that knowledge beyond AZ-900 is a definite plus. Knowing more about the services and techniques will help any PM in general. I could recommend sitting the AI-900 or DP-900 for fundamental knowledge on artificial intelligence and data. DP-900 is coming soon to ACG too.

Otherwise, have a look at AZ-104 for sys admin topics, which is very useful too. 

I hope that helps.


I think it’s better to put all the certificates on your resume. You can also create a LinkedIn profile, can help with that, to be more effective for a successful job search. I’m sure if you’re thinking about changing your job. You’ll find a new one pretty quickly.

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