AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 Exam Prep

I already did the Cloud Practitioner and currently doing the AWS Solutions Architect as well as the entry level AZ-900 Azure, could anyone who passed the AZ-900 during the last weeks tell me something about the actual exam difficulty? Will it work with only focussing on Acloudguru material in case of the AZ-900 ( which is not the case for the AWS exams)?

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It is of the level of cloud practitioner. Remember to understand support plans before you go into exam. 

Heres the link:

Question about case severity, customer service levels & different support levels (e.g. TAM) are there. It is important to remember those.

Remember differences between IaaS & PaaS. 

Lars Klint’s course and his pointers are really helpful.

Also complete the ms own free course for broader learning and assurance.

Heres the link

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