AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 2020

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AZ-900 Exam change?

Hi All,

I am looking to write AZ-900 in the next few (3/4 days) days or so. I have noticed the following message:

"The content of this exam will be updated on May 28, 2020. NOTE: the updates that were announced prior to April 15, 2020 will be implemented on September 15, 2020. The updates now planned for May 28 are minor updates to wording; please download the skills measured document below to see what will be changing on May 28."

What are the changes on May 28 about? what does wording changes mean? are the exam questions going to be different compared to the 27 May?

The changes are unclear for me so I will appreciate some help.


1 Answers

As Microsoft have said, the changes are minor. If you look closely at the skills measured document, it shows crossed out parts that are replaced with some differences.


  • Understand has been replaced with Describe
  • Functions (crossed out, but I’d still make sure I had a rough understanding of what they are)
  • SQL Data Warehouse is replaced with Azure Synapse Analytics (essentially the former but evolved)

The section about "Describing the support options available with Azure" is crossed out (but green?). I’d still make sure I knew what these options were:

Hope this helps.

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