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Architect Learning Pathway

Lars, I am new to Cloud Computing and just started the Architect Learning Path. In the YouTube video where you talk about the Pathways, it sounds like you don’t recommend this path as a first certification. If I follow the learning path you recommended, will that help me learn what I need to and become an Architect?

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Hi Zack,

If you are new to cloud computing, the architect path is not the first one imo. When you first start, you want to fill the "cloud toolbox" with the fundamentals, such as storage, network and compute. These are best learnt through the system administrator or developer paths. Once you are comfortable with those, you can pursue the architect role. Often, architects rely a lot on experience to find the right solution for a problem. It isn’t just about knowing the services, paradigms and tools, but also what each can do in a specific scenario. For that reason, most architect roles require 5+ years of experience. 

It is also worth asking yourself why you want to be an architect. What is it about the role that appeals to you?

I hope this helps.

Zack Stearns

When you says system administrator or developer, are you talking about the AZ-104 and AZ-204 courses?

Lars Klint

Yes, that is correct. And the learning paths around those have even more courses, videos, articles etc.

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