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Where is documentation on something called a publishing account?

I’m trying to read more about ‘publishing accounts’, but I can’t find anything in AWS documentation referring to a publishing account.


I have nver heard such term either. We generally do not refernce AWS organization like this.

2 Answers

Hi Steve,

A publishing account is more of a concept than an account classification.  It is an account that you might create to host golden AMIs or a corporate ECR with docker images that you would then permit other containers read-only access to pull those standardized version of resources.

AWS referred to the concept in a whitepaper that pre-dated what we now call AWS Organizations so the documentation has been changed over to push people to that product rather than manually created a series of accounts by themselves.

I probably should update this question to remove the confusion.


Sami Kurvinen

With AWS Organizations being the "tool of the trade" to manage multiple accounts, how relevant are these multiple account structures? I initially thought that these are still relevant, but we would just implement these through the AWS Organizations, but what is your take on this?

Also to complement Scotts answer to this, these concepts and account structures are talked here:

There’s also the whitepapers that these are from:

  • Multi Account Security:
  • Multi account billing:

These have been updated on the summer of 2017, so they don’t seem too ancient, and are short so might be worth looking through.

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