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Using the CSAP Exam Simulator for recertification studying

I am studying up to take my CSAP recertification (the old version), and I was going to take the exam simulator to kick things off to try to decide where to focus my studying. Based on the blueprint, looks to me like the CSAP Exam Simulator is for the new, 2019 exam. That said, would it not make sense to use this exam to help study for the old version recertification?

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Hi Josh,

Although the blueprints are different between old and new exam, the content is about 75% overlapping.  I think it would be a good diagnostic indicator to give the Exam Sim a try and see where your weak areas are and focus on reviewing for those.


Keith Hayes

I’m taking the test as well in a week. I’m wondering why this is a mystery. I would assume some of the original SAPro’s would have needed to recertify. Like the the instructors that trained me on ACG. 🙂 I have studies for it based on the updated course…

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