AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Successfully passed AWS CSA-Pro exam

This wasn’t an easy journey for me, and had some major doubts for my success before and during the exam. Had only 13s left in the clock after answering last question, so no extra time to check any the flagged questions (which there were plenty). Just click finish, answer some satisfaction queries and then… feeling the intense surprise and happiness when seeing "Passed" on the screen with my name next to it. So, thanks @Scott Pletcher for your course, links and exercises. Those really helped me get through the exam.

My overall score on final practice exam was 85% with topic level scoring of:

1.0 – Design for Organizational Complexity: 100%

2.0 – Design for New Solutions: 80%

3.0 – Migration Planning: 75%

4.0 – Cost Control: 100%

5.0 – Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions: 85%

My pro-tips would be: 1. management your time, 2. take time to understand requirements per question, as sometimes the insanely costly solution is the correct one, 3. read Cloud Adoption Framework and other AWS whitepapers

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Congrats Tommi!  Well done and thanks for taking the time to provide some tips for those who will follow in your footsteps.


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