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some of the whitpapers are out of date

some of the whitpapers are out of date. Is Cloud guru going to update the links to these whitepapers?

2 Answers

Hi Harsh, 

We do try to update the links when we find outdated links.  Could you tell me where you think there’s an outdated link?


Harsh Dhawan

Thanks Scott for the reply, AWS Security Best Practices is the one which I found and there are some which are as old as 2018, not sure if we have got the updated ones


The Well-Architected Framework: Security whitepaper had an archival notice within Exam Tips for the Security Section

I have found that Amazon generally does a decent job of policing themselves regarding out-of-date documents. If a document is out-of-date, you will generally see an ARCHIVED warning on the first page of the document that links to the latest document.

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