AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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SA Pro course not useful

Even after completing the SA Pro course, it’s challenging to answer various practice questions. I even revised few of the sections few times, but I felt this course is not up to the mark (no offence to the instructor). For instance, most of the quiz questions have a combination of multiple services (API gateway, DynamoDB, SQS, EC2, ELB, Lambda) and to visualize the architecture and get the answer is difficult based on the knowledge gained from this course. Moreover, i got same feedback from many of my friends that this course is not enough. I would like to request Ryan and others that is it possible to modify this course by adding more practical/scenario based sessions so that students like me does not have to looks for other courses to get the desired learning to pass the certification.

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Hi DN,

I’m sorry the course was not up to your expectations.   We constantly add and revise to try to keep pace with the evolving exam topics which at sometimes is at odds with the pace of new releases.  One thing I have learned is that people learn in different ways and I’ll be the first to say that my course isn’t for everyone.  Depending where people are starting…their background and experience with AWS, cloud and architecture in general, people will have different experiences.  

Fortunately, many people have positive experiences and find it useful.  That said, as I iterate in the course, you must do additional work beyond the course to truly know the material.  That extra work takes many forms depending on the knowledge gap you’re trying to bridge.  It could be more hands-on, more whitepapers, other course material, etc.



Scott – you may be right that this course is not for everyone. However, I think the course structure should be designed keeping average audience in mind or else it should be clearly mentioned that "one needs to have X years of hands-on experience and X no of certifications in AWS then only attempt this course." My point is if i have enrolled myself in ACG to get knowledge on AWS and get certified then i should not be "told" to looks for other sources to get my knowledge. It does not make sense me or anyone who joins this course with such expectations.

Scott Pletcher

Personally, I think that expectation is unreasonable for any learning endeavor. We reference other sources as they are the direct sources for AWS questions on the exam, not because we’re trying to be lazy. I do lay this out clearly in the introduction lectures of the course, including my recommendation of years of experience and prior certification experience.


Scott – thank you. I guess i need to change my expectations from this course. I do not have any more comments.

The exam covers a lot of width including good depth. For exams like these no course in itself will ever be enough – not that the course can not be improved.

You have to supplement it with many other things including work experience, hands on work with AWS (what ever extent you can), videos etc etc.

I noticed someone has rated my feedback as negative 1. This is so childish. Not sure who did it but i really don’t care. I shared what i thought about the course it should not be rated. Pls GROW UP!!!

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