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“Reasonable ways” indicates multiple choice

The questions ends with "reasonable ways" which indicates more than 1 selection. Therefore it should say select 2 or more choices. Otherwise if there is only one answer it should not ask for plural ‘ways’.

Eugene Glotov

Absolutely agree. In case of "reasonable way" I would spend 10 seconds to pick the answer. But this "s" confuses a lot.

1 Answers

I will create a ticket and it will be looked into.


Kirk Rohani

Yeah I both like and dislike the wording. I understand the reason for this is to both get us used to the ambiguity as well as allow us to really try and understand every answer; however, at the same time I think it did "force" me into picking additional answers that I normally would not have chosen on the exam had the question informed me that there is only one answer.

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