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Quicksight -> New data set from Athena doesn’t show any tables


I have the 2018_10_09 table in Athena and have enabled and selected that table in QuickSite -> Manage Account -> Security and Permissions -> "QuickSight access to AWS services" -> select S3, select mybuckets, aws-athena-query-xxxx,  select openaq-fetches, then repeat for Athena. 
Then New data set from Athena does not show any tables.

1 Answers

Darren Rigg

Hi, I’ve just had the same issue. Make sure your regions are the same.


Thanks. That was it.


Yeah, it should be pointed out in the video, as QS is not available in all the regions, so you might end up having Athena view in the unsupported region for QS. That was my case and I had to work around that for a while.

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