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Question about failing recertification

If you fail your recertification, do you lose your current certs?  I plan on taking the AWS SA Pro a few months before it expires, but I worry that failing will remove my current certs.  Can anyone tell me what happens if you fail the recerts?

1 Answers

I guess I can take this one. If you have CSA Associate and/or Cloud practiitioner prior to taking the CSA Professional (CSAP), they will get extended as they fall under the same tree as CSAP, given that you successfully recertify.

If you fail to recertify CSAP within 3 years from when you took CSAP, you will no longer hold that certification. And will have to try again. If you fail the CSAP but have some time left on CSAA and/or Cloud practitioner, that cert will still be with you until it expires, which is 3 years currently.

/Johan, AWS Senior Solutions Architect

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