AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed the Solutions Architect Professional exam – some thoughts about the experience

I passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam earlier this week. Some quick reflections about the exam:
* A lot of questions about on-prem to cloud migrations (as expected).
* A lot of questions about DR strategies (also expected).
* Some questions about choosing the correct database: RDS, Aurora and DynamoDB. i got one question involving a specific version of Aurora Postgres. That took me by surprise as I hadn’t memorized exactly which versions of Postgres that is supported by Aurora. Not sure if I got that one correct.
* Not many Redshift questions.
* No DataSync, AWS Backup or Data pipeline questions.
* A lot of network related questions. These were quite tricky. Transit gateway, transit VPCs, direct connect with failover. I was glad that I’d passed the advanced network specialty exam before sitting this exam.
* One Code Pipeline question! I did not expect this, but it was easy if you just knew what Code Pipeline was.
* Two questions involving S3 Access Point. This was something that I had missed study up on 🙁
* The lengths of the questions varied a lot. None were short, but I was happy that none were as long as the longest ones on ACloud Guru’s practice exams 🙂
* It was often possible to rule out two of the options quite easily.
* I was *extremely* grateful for the extra 30 minutes I got as a non-native English speaker. I would most likely have passed anyway, but the extra time probably improved my score by a fair bit (and prevented me from having a nervous breakdown 😉 If your native tongue is not English, do *not* forget to apply for the extra 30 mins!

Congratulation! and thank you for the feedback!


Can you please share the info like, what are the materials you referred? have you tried any other practice exams?

Au Rey

Congratulations! and thanks for sharing. Was there any lab question? I heard that this should come in 2021

Lars Nohle


Lars Nohle

No, there was no lab question.

Lars Nohle

I used Scott Pletcher’s course and the practice exam here on ACloudGuru. I also used some resources on Udemy: the course from DolfinED and the practice exams from Jon Bonso and Stephane Maarek. I highly recommend all of those resources!

5 Answers

Congratulations Lars! And good info on your experience with the exam.  We do make the practice test questions slightly longer and harder than the real exam so you’ll feel more confident in the real exam.

Lars Nohle

Thanks Scott!

I recommend these practice exam questions for preparation and better chances for Success. Try its demo for free to check the quality of the product. I’m sure, you will pass your Amazon Professional SAP-C01 exam in the first attempt.

Congrats! S3 Access Points is quite a new feature. Thanks for feedback that it is on the exam now. You mentioned no DataSync but lots of migration questions. Were they not file migration related?

Lars Nohle

Yes, they were, but DataSync was not included in the options.

Hello, Congratulations on passing the exam!  I’m curious, I’ve seen information where Route 53 now supports DNSSEC, but do we know if the latest SA Pro Exam has been updated?  I’m not sure how to answer this question if it shows up on the exam.  Would appreciate any thoughts.

Lars Nohle

Thanks! I did not see any questions related to DNSSEC on the exam. I’ve also read that R53 supports DNSSEC nowdays.

Lars Nohle

I guess that a question related to DNSSEC could ask for what it can do for us security wise, and the answer to that would be someting related to that a client can be (more) sure that the records that it gets from R53 are not tampered with. At least that is my understanding of how DNSSEC works. I’m no expert however, so it might be good to double check.


Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.

I just passed my aws architect professional exam. a happy feeling. Used acloud guru training course and


Did you feel Udemy had everything you needed to pass?

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