AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Passed Recertification exam

Passed Recertification exam. Time flies, and 3 years were up – just chose to do it.

Not sure, if the Recertification exam is any different than the normal certification exam, ‘looked’ the same. Only difference I noticed was – did Not receive any detailed % marks from AWS, unlike earlier. I don’t know if this is just for Recertification only, for some kind of a global change. (??)

My Prep: A Couple of weeks, going thru a couple of question banks including ACG.

Time/Duration: I would call it adequate, not much to spare. Keep an eye on the clock and pace yourself suitably. (75 Qs / 180 mins = 25 Qs/Hr – so have your mental clock on)

Exam itself: In essence it has not really changed. It certainly has become lot harder, now it covers a lot more topics/services- naturally, additionally level of detail required is also more.

In terms of topics – the typical usual suspects, but did notice a lot of System Manager stuff– patching and all that, and several Migration questions. Not much of any of the exotic stuff like – iOT, or BlockChain and all that.

Overall the “gotchas” have substantially increased – so attention to detail both in Prep and During Exam.

ACG Simulator Critique: Most questions and explanation are generally quite good, but too Very Very verbose. One big criticism of AWS Certs is verbosity, I both dislike and disagree with verbose. But ACG has taken verbosity to a whole new level – I think that is counterproductive. (I ignored all those questions). Also Simulator has additional other issues- no Pause button, can’t save your answers for later review etc, etc.

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Congratulations on passing your recertification, well done! It’s no easy feat passing the certification in the first place, let alone coming back years later to do it all over again. Nice work, and thanks for the feedback!

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