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No upgrade for existing CSA Pro customers?

I paid for the (now old) CSA Pro course, but now that the new one is finally out, I have to pay $99? I am not a subscriber. Why is there no upgrade fee available?

1 Answers

Hi mlichstein,

If you purchased the original CSA Pro course after 1 January 2018, you get free access to the new one.  If you can’t access it from the dashboard, I can have someone from Support help work it out.


Srinivas Velamuri

I have purchased the original CSA Pro course last year. So am I not eligible for this upgrade??


As Scott indicated, yep – you are eligible. It should work for you but let Scott know b/c it sounds like there’s a snag taking place with your set up…

Jeff Bicer

I’m confused. Like Srinivas, I also purchased the original course prior to 2018. Scott’s answer indicates that we would not be eligible. But I do have access to both the old and new Developer-Associate courses, so I would have expected to have access to the new CSA-Pro as well.

Nick Costigan

I bought the original CSA Pro course before January 1, 2018. I contacted support about if I am eligible for the free upgrade to the new course. They said that I am not eligible and would need to pay for the new course. I find this odd since I automatically got access to the new Developer-Assoice course and I bought the original verison of that course even before the original CSA Pro course.


Same here, even though the existing one seems to have lifetime access, its of not much value now

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