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Multiple Storage Gateways Using the Same Bucket

I’m working my way through the updated SA Pro course and saw the slide showing multiple cached-volume gateways reading and writing to the same S3 bucket.

This would be a perfect solution for my company. For testing purposes, I spun up a couple of SG’s and configured as cached volumes, but I don’t see how I can control where they point to for the back-end S3 storage.

Has anyone set up something like this before or had luck pointing multiple SG’s to the same bucket?

3 Answers

Hi William,

With Volume gateways, the S3 bucket is managed by the AWS Storage Gateway and I don’t think you can have multiple volume gateways pointing to the same bucket…could be wrong there but I’ve never seen it done.  I think this is because data is stored more at the block level than object level on S3 with the volume gateways.

Instead, you might look into the File Gateway mode for Storage Gateway.  You CAN share one bucket across multiple file gateways.  Here’s a video on setting it up:



Hello, Scott. Thank you for the clarification. I just tried to watch the video you posted and the video is unavailable. I found this video ( and assume it’s similar to the one you linked. Thanks again and I really enjoyed your course.

Hi Scott – in the lesson video you state that the multi-office scenario is using the gateway in cached volume mode. Can you confirm whether this is possible (maybe the video is more recent than your answer here?). I have not been able to find any documentation to confirm it is possible, so maybe it was just a mistake in the lesson video? We’ve run into problems trying to use the File Gateway (with cache refreshes) across multiple sites and are looking for an alternative approach. Thanks.

I’m doing my SA Pro course as well right now. I have just successfully setup two SG file gateways pointing to the same S3 bucket paths. Someone I know wanted a way to access their data remotely via VPN in case their site went down (DR scenario). It seems to work just fine. You point the file gateway to the S3 bucket paths via the shares. The file gateway shows the SMB/NFS share and translates it to the S3 storage on the backend.

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