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Mini-exams for AWS SA Pro 2019

In the exam prep course for AWS SA Pro 2019, in practice exams, the lesson mentions mini-exams. But I can’t find them. Any tips where?

1 Answers

Hi hammellc,

I think you might be the person who reached out and asked the same question to me via LinkedIn.  For benefit of those here, in the Certification Prep Guide, Mattias talks about mini-exams.  Those are provided for some courses as a sort of "final exam" at the end of the course.  For some Associate level courses, the quiz questions are focused on helping the student retain rather than fitting everything together in a more complex exam-level question.

For the CSAP, I tried to make the quiz questions almost as heavy as the exam questions (but not quite as complex) because CSAP students already have lots of background knowledge and context.   Hence, I didn’t build in a "mini exam" at the end of the course.


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