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Max num of attributes in secondary indexes

Looks like the current limit for the number of attributes for secondary indexes on a table is 100 (not 20).

"You can project a total of up to 100 attributes into all of a table’s local and global secondary indexes. This only applies to user-specified projected attributes."

— Bogusz

1 Answers

Hi Bogusz,

Yep, AWS routinely lifts limits for many of its services.  I thought I had updated that in all the slides but guess I missed one.

However, because they regularly update limits, you won’t see a question on the exam on the exact numbers for limits…otherwise the tests would need to be updated constantly too…and AWS doesn’t want to do that.


Bogusz Piotrowski

Scott, Thank you for the answer. That’s what I thought that it must have been changed recently by Amazon…

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