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Major difference in courses (LA vs ACG)


I have no problem asking this question because of the recent purchase ACG made of Linux Academy.

How can you explain the absolute monster difference in time for this training between the two sites? One is over 50 hours of training and the other is less than 15. Where does this difference come from and what does it mean for the students who need to decide which one to choose?

1 Answers

Just my personal take on this but I think ACG staff would be in a better position to answer this. But I have taken both courses and for sure there is a difference in amount of time training between ACG and LA. The difference is ACG is more geared towards information on the Solutions Architect professional exam while the LA course is includes extra detail for learning about the services as a whole and if you look closely at LA course you will notice that they have labs and many Labs included in the course which are not lectures and account for most of the time.

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