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Layer 6 – Presentation

Why is SSL/TLS in Layer 6? It’s used in the Layer 5, and often argued Layer 4 (TLS/Transport Layer Security…). Layer 6 is for .jpg and the such for.. presenting data. I come from the cyber realm so that’s something that immediately stood out to me. Other than that, really enjoying the course so far.

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Hi Reck,

Well, the people over at the Cisco forums tried answering this same question….without a solid conclusion. This seemed to be the most comprehensive answer:

Definitely not required to go into this sort of detail for the CSA-P exam…maybe for the Networking Speciality. Generally, Layer 6 is considered to be where encryption/decryption happens among other things and it is true that stuff above Layer 4 get murky and debate-able…like can TLS really be pigeonholed into a single layer of the OSI model.

AWS seems to like to think of SSL as on Layer 6…at least in the cases I’ve found:

So, as this is an AWS exam, we should probably go with AWS’s opinion.  You’re free to have another opinion though for sure.



Hi Scott , Tried opening the link – you specified in the above comment. However I am getting access denied. COuld you share the working link.

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Looks like the paper has recently been replaced with an updated version. This should work:

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Ah I see. ACG platform doesn’t like the underscores in the URL. In Scott’s post, it converted the underscores to italics. Something to watch out for.

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