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Is Transit VPC still a thing?

Since AWS released Transit Gateways almost a year and a half ago, what is the point of a transit VPC concept?

Also, do we still need to study this old architecture for this exam?

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Hi Matthieu,

Yep Transit VPCs are still a thing….they are more an architectural arrangement of VPC components versus a black box thing like Transit Gatway.  They are still in use in lots of architectures either from a legacy standpoint or that’s just how the landscapes evolved.   From an exam standpoint, I’d just have an understanding of the when’s and why’s of Transit VPC and Transit Gateway.


Matthieu Lienart

I understand the legacy part, and old exam questions, but I’m not sure I can see why anyone would deploy a Transit VPC today. With Transit Gateway, I personally see no need for Transit VPC anymore. If there are and if that construct, still has some use cases, I would be interested to know them. I couldn’t find any documentation comparing them, only documentation on how to migrate from Transit VPC to Transit Gateways.

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