AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Is this course current?

Is this course still mostly update for current tests? Seeing 2020 in the title makes me nervous I’m wasting my time.

1 Answers

The course is still current. The AWS exam version hasn’t changed yet. I recently earned my AWS SAP certification following the same course. You can read about my experience on the discussion forums:


I got it your comment. But do you know how many time during the year the test is update and the training must be follow it?


When AWS changes the exam drastically they will release a new exam version and phase out the old exam. You can track AWS Certification upcoming changes on their coming soon page here: If you see today they are introducing a new version of the SysOps Associate exam SOA-C02.


Additionally, reading the FAQs for services is a great way to track new updates to the platform. While this may not apply directly to the exams, it definitely helps out with real world matters.

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