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Is it possible to copy RDS backup to personal s3 bucket?

Hi Gurus, I have looked at AWS documentation. But could not find solutions to below:

1. How to copy  RDS backup to my own S3 bucket. Is there a way? I even looked up stackoverflow.

2. AWS documentation says that I can store the RDS db snapshot to my own s3 bucket, But Actions context menu has no such action to move the snapshot to a chosen s3 bucket.

3. In a multi-AZ setup where I have a primary RDS and a standby RDS in AZ1 and AZ2, how does AWS keep the RDS DBs in sync? I know of GoldenGate but wanted to know if AWS has its own way of doing it.

If this has already been discussed in some other thread, appreciate if you can direct me there.



If you just want the copy of data from RDS to S3, you can explore DMS (DATABASE MIGRATION SERVICE) with RDS as source and S3 as target. The DMS tasks can extract and dload backup to S3 bucket.

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Hi Rubaiyat,

In answer to your first question, RDS automated backups are stored out on S3, but not accessible to customers.  They just use a seperate space for those backups tied to your account…same with EBS snapshots.

For how multi-AZ RDS works, check out this blog from AWS….  It’s a bit old, but still covers the concepts:


Rubaiyat Kibria

Thanks Scott. Appreciate the answer. Is there a way to copy manual RDS snapshot to my own s3 bucket? That was my second question. I could not find any option under Actions. Copy snapshot allows me to copy the snapshot to a different region, but not to my chosen s3 bucket. Is this even possible from AWS console? Thanks again.

Rubaiyat Kibria

Also RDS is taking an auto snapshot at 3:37am everyday. Now when I setup my RDS, backup time was setup as 17:27 GMT. I am in Sydney, so it would be 3:27am with a 0.5 hour backup period. So is AWS creating an auto snapshot everytime the DB is having incremental backup? if I did not initiate a manual snapshot, why is an auto snapshot being created? Sorry for the barrage of questions. Thanks.

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