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ipv4 question

Hi All

If i have an ec2 in a private subnet that has an ipv4 private address only, and i want that ec2 to make a call to a website/server on the internet that has a ipv6 address….am i right in saying i still only need a NAT gateway/instance? Or do i need an egress only gateway even though the ec2 doesn’t have an ipv6 address.



1 Answers

Hi Stuart,

If I understand your scenario properly, you have an EC2 instance with only IPv4 and you want to access an IPv6 only resource.  If both resources don’t have IPv6, then they can’t communicate without some other intermediate like a reverse proxy or some fancy translation.

To get them to talk, you can add an IPv6 address to your EC2 interface then add an Egress-Only gateway and your good.


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