AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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How long to prepare for the Architect Pro exam?

I have watched all the course lesson videos, and my mock test result is hardly improving. Sure, I shouldn’t expect much improvement at Pro level by spending a couple of hours. 

According to AWS, the Associate exam requires 1-year working experience. The Pro exam requires 2 years of working experience. Does that translate to 1-year study/work is required to pass the Pro exam? 

I find the whiter paper and re: Invent videos are very dry to read/watch. 

Anyone has some pass/fail experience to share? 

I am not ready to book for the exam.

2 Answers

Hi Richard,

I recently took the AWS SA Pro exam and passed it. I have over 15 years of experience in IT and over 5 years experience in AWS but honestly, there are new services that are included in the exam that I haven’t tried out yet in my current work. The exam is really difficult and you have to arm yourself with more review materials and practice exams in order for you to pass the exam. I got 920/1000 and here is my exam feedback.

I hope this can help you in your exam! Good luck!

Richard Wang

Thanks! I will study for one more year then.

I am also studying for my AWS SA Pro and I’ll take it next month. Amazon has a point to say it "requires 2 years" of working experience but personally, I really don’t buy that. I have been working for quite some time with over 5 years experience in AWS yet it still surprises me to discover that there are a lot of services and features I haven’t tried out in AWS. 

I say, don’t just study for X years but instead, make a strategy that will help you pass the exam in 2 to 3 months of study. It’s the amount of hours you put it and not just a matter of years you have in the industry. I know a couple of workmates who have been in the industry far longer than you yet have minuscule knowledge and understanding in cloud computing. You got to have a strategy on your review and what thing that can really help you is to research for the specific topics that you have to focus on, like the ones Mukul shared above. Personally, using quality practice exams that mimics the actual AWS test is one of the key activities that you should focus on.

Mukul Gopal

I agree

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