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How can we manage and increase service limits automatically?

How can we manage and increase service limits automatically?

Possible solution:

Use AWS trusted advisor to track the service limits and notify if service limits are reaching, then trigger AWS Lambda to increase the service limit (maybe through an API call to Service Quotas)

Is this solution possible? If not, how can we  manage and increase service limits automatically?

1 Answers

There is a relatively new feature AWS has put out to manage service limits called "My Service Quotas"

You can find it by clicking on your login name/role in the upper right hand corner and the drop down will list "My Service Quotas" which you can select and see your all of your services and limits and request increases where you want.


Hi but that does not manage the service limits automatically. Is there a way we can increase this service limit automatically when service limits are about to reach its limits?


One of the questions in CSA-Pro was testing on how do we manage the service limits and ensure that we can prevent it from happening since it causes applications to have downtime when the service limits are reached

Sam T

The answer to that is use Advisor

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