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How AWS calculate EBS incremental snapshot cost?

does anybody knows how AWS calculate the cost of incremental snapshot (monthly) ? if snapshot retention is only for 2 weeks then how it is calculated i assume initial snapshot will exist till the end of 2 weeks? i’ve read AWS documentation related snapshot cost but couldn’t understand the cost of snapshot which are deleted before retention or after a month?

1 Answers

Hi Aman,

Snapshots are stored on S3 but we don’t have any direct way to see that storage.  About all we have for costing of snapshots is to look at our bill under the EC2 section to see how much space and cost is being consumed.  

The costing mechanism is the same as it is for EBS or S3…it is prorated based on the portion of the month you used the space.  If you only had data out there for 2 weeks, then you would pay for 2 weeks rather than the full month.


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