AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Exam simulator report and review – AWS Solutions Architect Professional

I have completed the exam simulator of AWS Solutions Architect – Professional and I would like to review my incorrect answers. However, when I re-visit the exam simulator then it does not show my exam history and start from new again.

I wouldn’t be able to go through the questions I did wrong.

Where can we see my attempted exam?


Sam T

Yes, this is serious limitation with Simulator. And sometimes it would time you out – then also you lost the review- just have to start over

2 Answers

Hi Jaeyoung,

This is currently a limitation of our exam engine unfortunately.  Our developers have this on their radar as it’s a fairly frequent request but I don’t have an expected date right now.


Yash ghagh

Its been almost a yaer and yet no changes…. poof gotta go with udemy.

Would it also be possible to have a "pause" function on the test? I don’t know about everybody else, but I would find that extremely beneficial as I sometimes struggle to block out a 3 hour window in my schedule. A wife, kids, work interruptions, etc all inevitably end up causing distractions whenever i try and attempt one.

Matt Sipes

In my opinion, I think the pause function would take away from the experience of the simulation. On the real test, you can’t pause it if you need a break.

Sam T

Yes Pause should be a Very important necessary feature. In real life home etc – you need a Pause. We all know this is just a Practice exam, there is absolutely no need to make it artificially Real. In case someone prefers not to pause – they may not use. ACG needs to work on lots (and lots) of usability features – they should be all baseline.

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