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Exam simulator question

Your production web farm consists of a minimum of 4 instances. The application can run on any instance type with at least 16GB of RAM but you have selected m5.xlarge in your current launch configuration. You have defined a scaling policy such that you scale out when the average CPU across your auto scaling group reaches 70% for 5 minutes. When this threshold is reached, your launch configuration should add more m5.xlarge instances. You notice that auto scaling is not working as it should when your existing instances reach the scaling event threshold of 70% for 5 minutes. Since you are deployed in a heavily used region, you suspect there are capacity issues. Which of the following would be a reasonable way to solve this issue?

• Reduce the warm-up and cooldown period in the scaling policy to allow more time to provision resources.

• Provision some regional reserved instances of m5.xlarge to ensure you have capacity when you need it.

• Provision some zonal reserved instances of m5.xlarge to ensure you have capacity when you need it.

• Lower the CPU threshold to 60% so the scaling event triggers earlier and therefore has a better chance of getting resources.

Version the launch configuration to include additional instances types that also have at least 16GB of RAM.

Why is answer E correct?  Unlike Launch Templates, launch configuration can’t be versioned.

2 Answers

I dont agree either to E as launch config only allows a single instance type and not multiple. Unless it says to edit and launch other instance type with same memory

Hi Zwtech,

I agree, the versioning term should eliminate that as a possible answer.  Not sure of the logic in selecting that one in the answer database.  I’m going to push an update.


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