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Ephemeral ports

Hi Acloud Guru

Correction with the topic for the Ephemeral Ports

  • Many Linux kernels generally use 32768 to 61000

  • Requests originating from ELB uses ports 1024-65535

  • Windows Server 2003 uses ports from 1025 – 5000

  • Windows Server 2008 and later versions use ports 49152-65535

  • A NAT Gateway uses ports 1024-65535

1 Answers

Hi Babon,

The port range I mention in the video, 49152 to 65535 is the "suggested" port range from IANA (  However, as I point out in the video and slides, ports differ between OSs so you should check the respective documentation.

On the original exam, recertification exam and new Beta exam, I cannot recall a question that asked about specific port numbers for ephemeral ports so no need to memorize these.

The important part is to know what they are, know they live above the "well-known ports" and that the client defines the ephemeral port to use.


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