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Does AWS or AWS marketplace has servicesinstances tailored for eCommerce solutions?

I am looking for a web app that can handle subscription based membership program.  Users sign up for the service and the app will process online payment and assign tasks to available producers.   The backend has a project management system tracking the task status until completion.  Once the task is completed by the producer, it will notify the subscriber.  As far as I know, WordPress, Magento have plugins that can process task management, member subscription and online payment.  I am wondering if AWS have similar service that can handle this type of activity?  Thanks.


I am not sure if AWS will be able to help you in that context. Maybe a plugin on wordpress, or magento could help you in this context. On the other hand you will be able to host the app on AWS. It’s upto you whether you choose to go with the conventional AWS server or the managed AWS server.


I have been using AWS as the magento cloud hosting option over my magento store and it’s working very well for me.

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I’m not aware of an out-of-the-box solution on AWS.   You could certainly build something like that with AWS components like Lambda, CloudFront, Dynamo and such.  Your use-case kind of sounds AWS’s Mechanical Turk, where people can post tasks to be done and other people can sign-up and complete the tasks.  The task-performers then get paid for their work upon completion.

You could also likely find something in the AWS Marketplace which would probably be a push-button deployment.

Just an update on my thread.  I haven’t found any services on AWS that can do this type of project management yet.  However, I did find several good WordPress plugins that support this functionality.   As AWS Marketplace has a  free-tier Bitnami WordPress instance, it simplifies lots of things.  Here are the steps:

1. Instance Bitnami WordPress EC2 instance from AWS Marketplace

2. Installed and configured WooCommerce plugin on WordPress

3 . Create some products(service).

4. Have WP Project Manager Pro (Business) version plugin installed on WordPress.  Follow the instruction by clicking this link here:

5. Create projects on  WP Project Manager PRO.  

The part I am still not clear is about how to make WordPress webpage interact with AWS CLI.  For example, I want to take user input from webpage, make aws cli queries based on user input, and then present aws cli query result on the WordPress website.  The WordPress plugins don’t come with functionality supporting AWS integration.   Does anyone have suggestions on how to implement this or WordPress or any php webpage?   Thanks.

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