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Design for Organizational Complexity study

What whitepapers or Youtube videos do you guys recommend in order to improve on my Design for Organizational Complexity score of 0% in the practice exam?

For example: The use case of limiting users when a budget is reached, I believe a SCP blacklist will do the job for preventing new resources, right? You don’t want to mess with existing roles.

Thank you in advance,

3 Answers

Hi Hendry,

Like the other domains, Designing for Organizational Complexity is a very wide space and your example is pretty specific.

In practice, I would not create some automated rule that prevents new resources once a budget is reached as this may kick in during a time when you really need it like in a scale-out scenario, a backup run or a DR situation.  SCP’s are designed to setup guard-rails around sub-accounts rather than dynamically adding and removing capabilities.  AWS Budgets are more designed to help enforce awareness of budgets.  You can read about a practical example of this here but I probably would not implement it for reasons above:

Here are a few broad resources that might help get you started.  This isn’t exhaustive but it should set you on the right path.


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