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Database Migration homogeneous migration from oracle to oracle

Hi Team,

I have huge size oracle db it is around 50 TB. I have some databases are in onprem and some are in ec2 instance . I need to migrate all these databases into AWS RDS with same privileges, roles access and I have create some partitioning ,indexing in tables where the size of the tables is so high . So Please help me how to migrate all these db with downtime and without downtime. Can anybody help me the same . I am really very thankful fr the same

Brian Nivens

Have you tried the Database Migration Service? It should be pretty simple going from Oracle to Oracle RDS.

2 Answers

Can anybody help me in this topic related query?

As Brian mentioned, you could try the AWS Database Migration Service.  The storage limit with RDS for Oracle is 64TiB.  While you are technically below the database storage limit, this will likely be a very challenging project due to the large 50 TB database size.

Supported Sources/Targets for AWS Database Migration Service:

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