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Data Migration native options vs DMS tool

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question related to data migration. To do data migration from on premises to AWS assuming there is AWS direct connect connection. How do i decide what to use like DB native tool or DMS to do migration. (Lets assumes homogenous and heterogeneous both cases) scenarios  . Any documentation available ?

1 Answers

I think DB native tool can be used to migrate data from a on-premise data source to a target data store in AWS that are running on the same platform. SCT is recommended to use for migrating data between data stores that are running on the different platforms. When you choose these 2 options, you may also need to consider if you can afford an outage with your on-premise database during the migration or not.

Deepak Adlakha

Thanks for the comments. So what are my options if application can not afford downtime for the migration ?

Scott Pletcher

It’s really tough to do any database migration with zero downtime. You could built layers of abstraction in or architect a sort of messaging pattern to provide at least some window where you can repoint connections.

Deepak Adlakha

Thanks Scott.

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