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CSAP 2019 (Beta) course vs. CSAP (old) on Acloudguru?

I would like to appear for the Beta or New CSAP 2019 course.

From my observation at acloudguru courses old vs beta –

CSAP 2019 (Beta) course total duration is only 7.5 hours while as the old outgoing CSAP course by Ryan is 12 hours in total duration.

Why is the Beta course so short compared to the old course? 

Do I have to watch both old and Beta courses for my CSAP (Beta or New) exam preparation?

Please advise.

1 Answers

Hi sdstar4sky,

The CSAP 2019 course is designed for the updated CSAP blueprint but it started life as an update of the old CSAP course and "classic" blueprint.  You can take both if you want, but it is not required.   Both are designed to stand on their own.

I would not let the length of courses be an indicator of the value of the course….no more than I would let the thickness of a book determine the quality of the book. 

Ryan and I have different styles and the time spent on various topics has changed over the years as the exam has evolved.   For example, the original course as a 17 minute lecture on Reserved Instances for EC2 and RDS that goes into quite a bit of detail.  In my course, the equivalent lecture is 9 minutes and also includes dedicated instances and dedicated hosts.  It’s less of a detailed deep dive because its just not very prominent on the exam lately–we cover whats needed.  I also seem to talk faster than Ryan as well.

Hope this helps,



That is very helpful! Thank you, Scott!

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