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Crime Ring question EC2 DB vs. Dynamo

The question asks to pick between two of the best choices for storing and viewing a crime ring. Why is the correct answer EC2 DB and Neptune instead of Dynamo and Neptune? Considering JSON formats would be much easier to read instead of a traditional RDS instance.

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Hi Kartik,

When we talk about highly relational datasets like the one in the quiz question, DynamoDB is probably the LAST option I’d want to use because there’s no good way to run queries efficiently to find relationships between DynamoDB records.

You can try this by creating two DynamoDB tables then try to attempt a JOIN on them like you would in a SQL relational database…it’s very messy.

The reason is that specialized databases excel at some things but that usually means they don’t excel at other things.  DynamoDB is a great name/value pair store but not a great relational datastore.

In this case, Neptune would be the first choice, but the second choice of the available options would be an EC2 instance where I can install whatever I want…like another Graph database


Kartik Pisharodi

Thanks, this is the answer I was looking for, I was pretty sure this was the reason but wanted some confirmation! Thanks!

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