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Can CloudFront content taken from the origin and modify it before sending it to the destination

Can CloudFront modify the HTTP response BODY (basically the HTML). I want to see the original HTML and then modify it? Don’t look like it can. Even looked at Lambda@Edge but it can’t seem to do this either. I think this would be a really useful feature I really hope there is some way to do this. (I am trying to avoid modifying the application running at the origin)


@Sam Anthony, It is an interesting question but what is the use case? Technologies exist to do content modification based on recepient’s geo-location. A use case will help in deciding if we really need to do it at cloud-front.

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Don’t think thats possible yet.  You can modify the response header and the request header/body, but not the response body yet.

Here’s the documentation for Lambda@Edge that shows everything you can do so far…


Agreed, I checked this about early 2018. Not possible with CF and it should not be. It’s a (supreme) caching solution. Let’s not muddle the waters.

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