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Business Continuity – Challenge 1 – answer is wrong

The answer provided for challenge 1 was A: "use snowball to pre-load the SAN data into AWS S3 buckets, then setup Storage Gateway Volume Store to keep the SAN in sync." This is not correct.

Storage Gateway Volumes are stored as EBS Snapshots in S3, but the end-user does not have access to those S3 buckets – they are part of the service and not accessible in the user account, so you can’t preload these from the Snowball.

Only a file gateway permits you to access the backing store in S3 as it uses an S3 bucket you configure, in your account. If the answer was a file gateway, that could work, but not a volume gateway.

See the storagegateway FAQ ("Q. When I look in Amazon S3 why can’t I see my volume data?") or even the description in user guide for Volume gateways.

Answer A can’t work.

2 Answers

Hi RR Kras,

Good catch there, your eye for detail will serve you well on the exam.   I think at one time, I had that answer as incorrect due to exactly the reason you mention, but guess I changed it over and failed to notice the error part.   I needed to edit that video anyway as EFS now has lifecycle features.  It’s been updated.



One sec before making that change on choice B related to EFS. It looks like that capability was introduced on July 9, 2019. If that is correct, this will not appear on the exam as of now November 2019. I assumed that this was just a BS choice and EFS lifecycle rules were made up as a distraction. From the perspective of the current exam, it seems to be the case. Furthermore, even considering EFS lifecycle, "purge anything after 5 years" doesn’t even seem to be a capability of EFS lifecycle rules. It would still make choice B invalid.

Just looked over the A answer and although you have changed this, File Gateway mode isn’t going to work with a SAN since traditionally they are block storage therefore what file shares are you referring to?

I immediately discounted this answer since Files don’t have anything to do with the SAN itself.


Hello You can run you File Gateway on a VMware / Hyper V environment that can be hosted on a SAN But this is not specified in the answer

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