AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Sean McLaren

In case anyone’s curious, 828. My best advice would be to watch the videos from reinvent, especially on networking, database design, ci/cd design, direct connect, IAM policies (the policy ninja one is always worth watching, probably twice), and anything else you’re not 100% sure you’re an expert on. Anything you don’t understand, or don’t know, that they talk about, look up in the docks. And watch videos about/ be sure you’re clear on/ focus on Amazon’s idea of what a service is for, and, in specific detail, how they envision it being used, as well as how they see common problems solved with multiple services, and what they see as optimal vs suboptimal solutions.

Sean McLaren

….and from the part I was weakest on, make sure you’re aware of all of the less core services they have, especially newish ones, and what they can be used for in a basic way. Back on the core stuff, it’s definitely worth watching the whole advanced networking course at least once through, and making sure you understand at least like 85% of it.


Congrats, nice work, I for one could not wait for the result that long. I’ll follow the info on this exam, I want it, despite having the old one.

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Thanks Sean, good advice!  Go get them scores people!

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