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AWS glue throwing Access Denied

[1aeed7d4-3c48-497c-83e2-f1c6f44d74cb] ERROR : Not all read errors will be logged. Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: 91406CDEE9B1209F; S3 Extended Request ID: RF2jfvLupqqkDtqmXU4SQsFWM7HJvqFEow3reJ2TwJErUxmuAMLcFCZzK4tE2jn9LP4lIk4Kge8=), S3 Extended Request ID: RF2jfvLupqqkDtqmXU4SQsFWM7HJvqFEow3reJ2TwJErUxmuAMLcFCZzK4tE2jn9LP4lIk4Kge8=

[1aeed7d4-3c48-497c-83e2-f1c6f44d74cb] ERROR : No

2 Answers

The IAM entity (role, group, or user) you’re using to access Glue does not have sufficient permissions to access S3.

You need to make sure the IAM policy attached to your user/group/role has the right permissions to access S3.

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