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Anyone passed SA Professional without Developer/SysOps associate?

I’ve recently passed SA Associate and am looking at the SA Professional as the next logical step. I’m wondering if there are any members who have passed the SA Professional without deciding to study for the Developer/SysOps associate exams. There appears to be recommendations that completing the full associate tier first before tackling the professional tier is the way to go (even so far as suggesting doing the DevOps professional course), but as I’m currently architecture focused as opposed to having an extensive background as a developer or infrastructure person, I’m wondering whether it’s really necessary. A Cloud Guru even recommend tackling the big 5 on the way to SA Professional. (

I’m relatively new to AWS but believe I have a good understanding of the services offered, and I’ve been in the architecture space for a few years now.

Keen to hear others’ experiences on whether they embarked on a similar path (or maybe did the associate certs on the way to the professional). Thanks.

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Hi acha114,

I think it really depends on your own unique background…if you have lots of hands-on console experience, then you can probably go into the SAPRO, but if that’s not you yet, then I would strongly recommend you do the Developer and/or SysOps first.  There is overlap, but that will make your prep faster.  The SAPRO course here on ACG assumes that you have a strong background already in those areas.



Thanks for your view, Scott. I’ve made a decision to tackle the entire Associate tier first before going for the SA Professional certificate.

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