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Anybody received CSA Pro Beta Exam Results yet?

Anybody  get their exam results yet?  With the new exam scheduled to go live on Monday (2/4) seems like today (2/1) would be last business day to send out results before the new exam goes live.


No results yet. Guess will be Monday morning at this rate.

8 Answers

From what I can tell on the scheduling site, it goes live on Tuesday, 2/5, so yeah, probably Monday or Tuesday morning.

edit: Arrrghhh…yeah, I’m getting a little frustrated too wondering when on earth they’re going to get these out. Also, it looks like the final version of the test will be "only" 3 hours. All the new testees will be spared that last hour we dragged ourselves through

Frits Frederiks

Was it 4? I took the test early in december. Good luck!

Richard Askew

It might have originally said the 4th, but on the PSI website the earliest I can seem to schedule for is the 5th, in the DFW area — at this point I’ll assuming somebody presses the ‘send email(s)’ button around COB on 2/4.

Sean McLaren

Since they’re retiring the old test today, my guess is that they release the results tomorrow so it’s clear people that passed achieved the new version, since the versions are so different. Or maybe that’s just my naive optimism talking.

Anyone ?

I was thinking the same thing…  I know they say 90 days but you expect results before the exam goes live!

Another theory: They might send results together with the DevOps Pro once it is also out of beta (around 18th Feb?)

Frits Frederiks

I will ask my boss move to gc

Mine came through in the last hour… and I passed!!!!  Very happy with this result!!!

Frits Frederiks

Congrats. I failed with 720 out 1000. Retry end of this month

David Hampson

ouch . I scraped through with 754… 750 is a pretty high pass mark! Good luck with the retake…

Frits Frederiks


Yes, it came out an hour ago, 2/5/2019. The exam becomes easier.

Rather interestingly I am looking at my score report and apart from section 2 "Design for New Solutions" with 31% I was judged "Needs Improvement" on the other 4 sections with scores from 12.5% to 29%… (all add up to 100% so I assume this is a breakdown of which section the question was in rather than a score). I looked on the exam blueprint and there are 8 domains which don’t cleanly map onto the 5 sections listed… So evidently I was able to drop points on four sections and make it all up on one… It would be interesting to see how others did, particularly those who may have got a higher score…

My score was 754 out of 1000 but a pass is a pass!

Results are updated in the certifications section in the account. I have passed too! 🙂

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