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Which one do you feel is harder between AWS SA Professional and AWS Security Specialty exams?

Which exam between AWS SA Professional and Security Specialty exams (both in 2019 version) did you feel tougher and more difficult for those who took both tests? I wanted to hear your opinions.


Michael Lillie

I felt that the Security exam was more tricky is that there were a lot of answer sets that were right but only one was more correct than the others (Note I am taking this exam for the 2nd time in a few days) . The SA Pro, with the exception of the complexity of some of the scripting, though it covered more material/services had questions that were less obtuse. With Security you had to be more focued. In additon, the secuirty test assumed prior secuirty training not taught by AWS (as in prior knowledge to answer a question).

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I think it depends a lot on your background. They are definitely very similar in difficulty, but personally I found the Security Specialty a little easier. I felt like I had more time during the exam to review my answers as well.

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