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VPC endpoint video for S3 bucket example does not work ?

ANSWER in first instance the "aws s3 ls" works but after setting up the endpoint (correctly) it then hangs, leaving you puzzled and checking things which wastes a lot of time, the video shows the second instance of the aws command working. However it will only work if you specify the  region e.g. "aws s3 ls –region eu-west-2". The video needs updating

Kurt @ LeafStone

I had the same issue and the same solution. So it looks like the normal aws cli commands don’t need the region (maybe it goes through a generic S3 Route53 address), but because you’re going through a regional endpoint, you must specify the region so it picks up the right DNS address, which is the only visible one via the endpoint.

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Or, you can run aws configure and specify a default region, which is what I did…after scratching my head and checking everything in my VPC 🙂

Sneha Malshetti

this worked for me as well


Yes that is a "problem"/design feature. AWS VPC Endpoints for S3 currently only allow access to S3 resources in the same region as the endpoint/vpc. There is no cross-region support and that is the region the error occurs.


Please update the video!!! OR link this topic to the video. The first question was a year ago!!!

People spent time in attempts to solve this issue with the s3 bucket region.

I also spent a lot of time until I found out that it is an aspect of s3 work.

Jeffery Fernandez

agree please update the video with this link. Spent too much time trying to figure out if I did something wrong

I has the same issue, I figured it out thanks to the AWS troubleshooting pages but I agree, the video should be updated.

I was watching the VPC Endpoints for the Security Speciality Exam.

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