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UPDATE Nat Gateway Throughput 45MBPS

Just an update… per aws docs, nat gateway throughput burst has been increased to 45mbps

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That’s correct; the latest version of the Comparison of NAT Instances and NAT Gateways page shows the most up to date throughput of the NAT Gateway as 45Gbps. The good news is that almost everything else stills works just the same as far as the two are concerned, but AWS has realized their customers need even more than just 10Gbps, and have provided this new scalability for us without us even needing to think about it.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll take a look at getting this updated on the slides.

Feedback can also be submitted directly to us through our Contact Support form, where one of our technical team members will respond and assess what we need to do to update our content

Geoff Groves

Thanks Stephen.

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