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Update 2 Months later

Hello it is me again! If you are reading this post and the one I made previously about 2 months ago you would know I failed the exam pretty badly. I could only answer 5 questions with a truly confident state. Even with that being the fact I really only failed by 3 questions, the test won’t be too hard if you did fine on previous exam or have AWS Security experience. I am making this post to tell you guys that I will be attempting the exam a week from tomorrow and I will make a 3rd post on this same section telling you how it went. I am really making this post to tell you guys that I have an open GitHub repository that has all 119 pages of notes I have taken with review questions based on this course as well as the Linux Academy course, the WhizLabs tests, and last but not least review questions based on my failed attempt. I will add documentation throughout the next week of my studying based on self made labs. I encourage you all to check it out as it should help you greatly. A few things, with the review questions, I decided to bold questions that I found on the test not covered by ACloudguru. At the very least you should look at those questions as it will not be a waste of your time. I hope you guys enjoy and come back on the 14th as I will post 1 more time with my second exam experience and how I did!



Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Marty Chong

Good luck. I read some of your notes and appreciate you posting them.


thanks i read your notes and it helped me pass the exam today

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Thanks for the feedback!

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