Certified Security - Specialty

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The prerequisite for AWS security speciality exam is either having an associate or a cloud practitioner certificate. Please confirm

Please confirm

1 Answers

That is correct for the beta exam:  Individuals who hold any associate level certification or the Cloud Practitioner certification are eligible for the AWS Certified Security – Specialty beta exam. (from https://aws.amazon.com/certification/beta-exam/)

However, please note that the exam was being offered most recently between January 15, 2018 and March 2, 2018 so there isn’t currently a way to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty Beta Exam (as far as I know).


I took the Security exam, has anybody heard anything about when we will hear the results. I suspect everyone get them in a big bang fashion given they are making a baseline of all the papers sat for the pass mark. I was kinda hoping mid April given the 12 week guideline and the start of the first Jan 15th exam beta date.

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