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Suggestion for the end of all lectures…

Some lectures are shared among courses.  Courses also change format over time.  These are two reasons why it would make the lectures cleaner and more professional if they all ended in a generic way without referencing the next lecture, or section, or what future lectures will cover since it’s possible what is said will not occur.  There are many examples of this in every course I have taken.  It’s confusion when I am in section 4 and the lecture references the next section in the course as section 4.  The hypervisor lecture is an example of a shared lecture.  It should be re-recorded to be generic.  Just a thought…….

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Hello Mr Cube

 Or do you prefer just Ice ?

I agree.  I will forward your comments to the content team to review and add to the process and practice guidelines for the instructors.

Thank you for taking the time to write this up so well

Yours sincerely


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